The Dakotah Rose Bed and Breakfast

November 14, 2020

We enjoyed coming back to stay with you.  Look forward to our next visit.  You are both very gracious people, and make a person feel very welcome.

D & B

North Dakota


October 17, 2020

Thank you so much for your hospitality.  All of the detail you put into the wedding package made it all the  more special.  This is our second time staying here; the first was after we got married and this is our 10 year anniversary!  Thank you again for making our stay so special!

R & K


September 16, 2020

Thank you so much for continuing to open up a piece of history to travelers.  Your house is beautiful and welcoming.  

Thank you again for our many accommodations for my husband and I.  We are very thankful.  

May God continue to bless you through this work!

R & M

Fort Calhoun, NE
July 8-11, 2020

M. and I truly enjoyed your home and our stay here!  We felt welcome, and comfortable, and related in the “Ballroom”, in the evenings.

We will definitely stay here again when we revisit Minot.

D & M

Medford, OR

June 14, 2020

We had such a wonderful stay here!  Loved exploring the house and seeing all the beautiful details throughout.  Thank you so much for making us comfortable!  Hoping we can come back and stay again!

L & B 

Denver, Colorado


August 24, 2019

Thank you for helping preserve this beautiful home so that others may enjoy it.  We had a lovely time here.  You definitely have the gift of hospitality.

C & D

July 9, 2019

From the hosts, to the house, our room, and the grounds…absolutely lovely!  Thank you for sharing your home with 2 old hicks from MN as we headed West.

K & Sh



June 22, 2019

Thank you for the warm welcome, comfortable bed, and your quiet, loving presence.  I can feel the love that has been poured into the upkeep of the Dakotah Rose.

Washington, D.C.

September 3, 2018

Would have liked to stay here for days on end!  I knew about Dakotah Rose from a friend who stayed here 6 years ago and Jim and Carol are still very much the perfect hosts, running the perfect B & B.

Dakotah Rose deserves a 10 plus on any travel guide’s rating.  I’ve bee around some of the world—honest—and have found nothing like this anywhere.

And, it’s all the result of the lovely work and commitment of the tireless hosts.  Thank you so much for caring about us, your guests!


Trondheim, Norway
July 27-29, 2018

Lovely home, great breakfast, and wonderful hospitality!  Thank you so much.  Until next year….

S & K

July 22, 2018

We came for the fair, stayed for the hospitality!  Bravo for creating such an awesome place!!  Our first B and B stay ever…was beyond our expectations, my wife and 6 year old son loved it!  To awaken with a smile is truly a great thing!  God willing we shall return one day.  Until then, Long live the Dakotah Rose!  Thank you Jim and Carol Carr.


C & L & G

Bismarck, ND ---

January 7, 2018

First bed and breakfast my husband and I have stayed at. Loved it! The breakfasts are amazing, specially the strawberry French toast. Definitely would come back if given the opportunity.

J & C B.


November 3-5, 2017

Visited Minot for the Christmas Show and stayed at the Dakotah Rose. The warmth and charm of this residence is second to none. Coupled with Jim and Carol's wonderful hospitality (and Carol's magnificent cooking), we will surely be back. Thank you so much for a wonderful and memorable stay!
D&T H.


September 15, 2017

We have truly enjoyed our stay. Your house is absolutely beautiful. The Victorian theme you have employed throughout this mansion creates an aura full of charm and grace. And, your warm hospitality is truly the final word. Thank you for all you have done to provide a most enjoyable and calming stay. May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.
D & B W.


July 20, 2017

Our first trip to Minot and we landed up in the best place to stay. So quaint, clean, and friendly! Thanks for the hospitality and conversation.

K & R K.


June 22, 2017

We had a good night sleep and the breakfast was outstanding! This is our second time here and we're sure to be back again sometime. Thank you so much.
L & J B.


June 17, 2017

The first time you stay, you're a guest. The second time, you're family. Jim and Carol are so warm and friendly. Anytime we visit Minot overnight, you will find us here!

W & M S.


April 4, 2017

Hey guys! Love this place! Like stepping back into a beautiful and elegant and simpler age. Thank you for your great hospitality!



February 9, 2017

It was so lovely to return to your wonderful home! The gluten-free breakfast was delicious and the company was divine! See you soon!

C. & L.


December 24, 2016

Jim and Carol--thank you for making both our wedding and our wedding night so special. What a beautiful home you have--a perfect match with your kind hearts.

C & J, Minot


November 14-16, 2016

Thank you for everything. Your home full of loving, soulful hearts is the best medicine. Take care and see you again. Hopefully soon!



October 30, 2016

Very pleasant, warm and inviting. We wanted a day without a specific plan, at least nothing beyond a few steps fore; and we found your home peaceful, a welcome diversion. Largely spent reading and talking of light matters, the stuff that fills the day and the soul, a needful thing now and then. Thank you.

S. & A., Fargo


October 13, 2016

This place is amazing! Thank you so very much for making our wedding a special one! Your home is so gorgeous! I enjoyed corresponding with Jim and Carol because they're such great people. Carol is the best cook! I can't think of a lovelier place to have held our wedding ceremony and dinner. I can't wait to come back with my husband to stay in another room and write in that journal! Thank you again!

O. & D.


September 22, 2016

Your loving spirit shines through your entire home. So glad I did something different, I'm hooked. See you two on the 2nd. Bless you all!

R., Long Creek, ND


August 23, 2016

Dear Jim and Carol,

Lovely lovely house. I'm all for the cute little details. The handheld mirror, the little tea set, cute stuff! I wish I could stay longer! Thanks for the chat. Hope you can visit my country someday. P.S. Love the sweets, too!

U., Jakarta, Indonesia


July 10, 2016

Your home is truly beautiful! When our friends have shared their experience from this place, we know we have to come and it exceeded our expectations! Breakfast is superb. But most of all...Jim and Carol are the best! Thank you very much!

D. & O., Esterhazy, Saskatchewan


July 3, 2016

Every time I wake up in the Garden Room, I thank God for your gift of hospitality. You are blessed and you are a blessing.

C., Aloha, OR


May 25, 2016

Quiet, serene, the Dakotah Rose is a step back in time--when life was a slower paced existence. All the quarter sawn oak mouldings and paneled doors, so finely crafted a century ago, beckon notice. I couldn't help but to wonder, just how many footsteps were worn into the hardwood floors and how many good times were shared in this grand house. This is more than just a brief passing at an inn. Much more--as the traveler finds himself part of the history of this grand home.

J. & T., Oreonta, NY


May 13, 2016

Thank you once again for our comfy stay at your beautiful home. We have stayed here many times over the past 7  years as our daughter attended Minot State.... Your home has been our "home away from home" and we have enjoyed every stay. Thank you for being such wonderful hosts, we almost wish we had another child going to university here, so we could stay again! We most likely will cross paths again someday when we're travelling through just because we love it so much!

L. & D., Turtleford, SK


April 2, 2016

Staying in your home (again!) has inspired us in our renovations to our own home in Moose Jaw. The loving care and attention to detail and maintaining traditions are clearly evident in all your rooms. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to share the tranquility and beauty of the Dakotah Rose.

A. & D., Moose Jaw, SK


March 22, 2016

Thank you, Jim and Carol, for your kindness to me. I love your home. I rested well here--and loved our breakfast conversation! God bless you!



February 19-20, 2016

Truly the best staying experience we've ever had! A slightly postponed Valentine's stay, everything was above and beyond--the yummy treats, the clean and gorgeous home, the welcoming hospitality. I could never say enough! Though we are local, we have always wanted to stay and I'm so glad we did. They made it feel like Valentine's Day all over again. Delicious breakfast in the room, cheese omelets and strawberry-banana parfaits. Thank you again!

B. & F.


November 5, 2015

Carol and Jim, you have been wonderful! I'm so glad that we ended our adventure to see the polar bears in Churchill, MB with you. The chocolate chip pumpkin bars you made just for us was the sweetest thing--and delicious. Have a safe winter. We'll be back!

L., C., & M.


August 25, 2015

Thanks so much for a great place and your hospitality. We also enjoyed Jim's "history lessons" and his willingness to answer our questions about the area.

R. & M., Atlanta, GA


August 30, 2015

We truly felt like we were at a "home away from home" while staying here. Whether it was the comfy bed, the relaxing bathtub, or the homemade brownies--we got the rest and relaxation we needed. Today is the first anniversary of our wedding, and I don't think we could have found a more cozy place to spend it. Thank you, and God bless!

K. & J., Minot


June 14, 2015

Our stay here was memorable. Like an advertisement for the Dakotah Rose says, "it was like a trip back in time." My girlfriend is a lover of the Victorian Age, and she was delighted with our room. Her favorite aspect was the clawfoot tub which she took advantage of by soaking in a nice, hot bath. I love the woodwork. The floor is beautiful and we hope someday to have a house that, like the Rose, presents the beauty and craftsmanship of days past. Thanks for the beautiful memories.

R. & M.


June 12, 2015

Congratulations, Dakotah Rose! This place is amazing. I hope I can come back soon.

C., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


December 7, 2015

A wonderful return to this respite after a long train ride. What a treat to be greeted with yummy cake--the most comfortable bed--and most importantly, a gorgeous, relaxing environment. Bless you.

N. & W., Overland Park, KS


December 5, 2015

Our time spent here at the Dakotah Rose B&B was wonderful! Jim and Carol made us feel very welcomed and are fantastic hosts. We loved the nostalgic feel and history of this amazing building. Also, the breakfast was delicious! It was really nice to sit and talk with other guests during our meal. It definitely felt like we had known each other for years! We cannot wait for the next time we stay here. Thank you for all that you both do!

T. & J., Beulah & Estevan


October 9, 2015

Charming! Charming! Charming! This has been a wonderful night is simply not enough. Thank you for creating such a special place.

H. Family, San Diego


August 2, 2015

Our stay has been  nothing short of amazing! We relaxed and enjoyed our honeymoon. After visiting the Peace Garden we arrived to Jim being very welcoming and informative. He gave us some recommendations on places to dine for the evening. I've loved every minute of being here. Thanks for the hospitality!

A. & O., Williston


June 29, 2015

Dear Carol and Jim,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful yet comfy showplace. Have rarely seen such lovely preservation of turn of the century living. You have kept it like a "home" and our stay has been so comfortable. It's so nice to see the pictures of the original owners and be reminded of our familial heritage in your books and wall hangings.

P. & L.


June 18, 2015

What a lovely room to wake up to in the morning! Loving the leaded glass windows and wonderful balcony, beautiful!

D. & F.


February 12, 2015

Jim and Carol--You made my birthday special with our lovely room and your warm hospitality. This must be the 3rd or 4th time we have stayed here--it seems sweeter with each stay. You keep it so lovely and inviting. God bless you both for providing such a nice haven from this extremely busy world. Hope we can stay here again soon. God is so good.

D. & A, Minot


January 3-4, 2015

What a beautiful spot.  We came to town for basketball games from Wahpeton, ND.  Long time in car and wonderful place to stay.  We had a great weekend.  Thank you for sharing your place with us. 
B. & L.


December 31, 2014

Thank you for a wonderful stay…your “home” is amazing, the breakfast was delicious, (as was the brownie!) and your hospitality was the best!  We appreciate what you do, and enjoyed the true warmth of our stay. 
R. & J. Creighton, SK, Canada


December 28, 2014

Beautiful room and house.  We had breakfast in our room, which was beautifully done.  Such attention to detail throughout stay.  Thank you. 
E. R., Minot, ND


October 12, 2014

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay!!  This was our first B & B experience and we will definitely return!  The food and “treats” were delicious and you are both very gracious hosts!  Thank you for your perseverance in rebuilding after the 2011 flood and preserving this magnificent home! 

S. & T. Z., Jessie, ND


September 20, 2014

My parents are getting married here today!  This was the perfect setting for their vow renewal!  So much character in every space!  Love Dakotah Rose! 
R. R., Williston, ND but originally from Montrose, CO


September 1, 2014

We were absolutely bowled over by the furnishings and the wonderful atmosphere of your home!  Especially loved the “blessing for our business” message and the words of encouragement!  May the good Lord bless and prosper you as you go each day also! 
Q & M. W.


August 27, 2014

Thank you for the hospitality.  You both do a wonderful job.  We both feel rested and relaxed.  We want to come back again soon.  God bless you both. 
H. & K., Williston, ND


August 15-17, 2014

The “Rose” is beautiful, quiet, good food, and great service.  We’ll recommend to everyone! 
L. & B, Austin, TX


July 23 & 24, 2014

We had an absolutely beautiful stay here.  Bed was comfortable.  The whole place is amazing!  The hospitality was great!!  The breakfast was amazing!  I will definitely recommend this place to my friends!!  Thanks again!  God bless!! 
P. B., Prince Albert, SK, Canada


June 13-14, 2014

A very pleasant stay in your beautiful home.  Touring ND—I have now been in all 50 states.  I felt rested and at peace in the Victorian Room and got a good night’s sleep.  Many blessings and much future success to both of you.  Warm regards, S. B, Madison Heights, MI


May 26, 2014

I visited Minot for work and fell in love.  Staying at the Dakotah Rose when I came back was the perfect choice!  This place is stunning but cozy and friendly at the same time!  And the bed was so comfortable.  Thanks Jim &  Carol!  C., Pittsburgh, PA


May 7, 2014

First time here and enjoyed it very much.  Lovely old home and you’ve done it up great!  Homey and comfortable.  You are very welcoming and enjoyed chatting with you and other guests.  Don’t get that at a hotel.  Hope to return.  Best wishes to you!  W. H.. Saltcoats, SK, Canada


March 1, 2014

My husband brought me here for my birthday.  Growing up in Minot, I had always been aware of the Dakotah Rose, but never stepped inside.  Now, at 34, I can finally say I had the pleasure of spending the evening here.  With that said I must say I regret it took so long to get here!  I can promise, once I tell my girlfriends about the warmth, charm and romance that resides in the rooms and hallways of this house, they are all going to make reservations!  S. & B.


February 25, 2014

This is a beautiful, cozy place to stay.  Thank you for your kind hospitality and wonderful breakfast!  E. H., Lake Audy, Manitoba, Canada


January 15, 2014

This room is beautiful.  The whole house is amazingly gorgeous.  Hospitality was wonderful.  Thank you and Godd Bless!  S. H. & R. S.


November 4, 2013

Thank you so much, Jim and Carol, for a lovely stay at the Dakotah Rose.  This beautiful home has been a delightful place to come back to each evening during my visit with my son and his family.  I feel like I have a new home in the Dakotas!  C. M. Athens, GA


October 17, 2013

Your beautiful home is a wonderful surprise and a relaxing delight.  Our first ever stop in Minot, this is a palace with a special place in North Dakota history.  Special people too, our hosts.  We thank you fro your special touches, your warm hearts and hospitality.  Carol’s brownies are “The Best” we’ve ever tasted.  Hope to see you again.

God bless you both.  J & S, Edmonton, AB, Canada


August 19, 2013

Love, love, love the Dakotah Rose!!!  Can’t wait to bring family here.  Love the window looking out to the Carriage House—totally envisioned how it was (or could have been) when first built!  Brought my daydreams of the ‘olden’ days to life!!  Thank you!



June 16-18, 2013

Thank you for a wonderful stay in your beautiful home.  Your hospitality made all of my family members feel welcome.  I will surely recommend your place to anyone I know that may be traveling through here, and will definitely be back sometime.  Thanks again!

D.B. Kansas City, MO


June 26-27, 2013

Thank you so much for this wonderful stay in your home!  This was a lovely place, and thank you for the good breakfast!  We’re on holiday here in U.S., and are going further to our daughter and family in Montana.  They are working for Youth with a Mission.  God bless you.  M & J, Norway


March 28, 2013

Thank you for the warm hospitality!  What a beautiful home you have here.  We will definitely recommend this beautiful spot t our friends and family.  J & K, Manitoba, Canada


December 18-20, 2012

The Dakotah Rose is a gracious lady. Thanks for sharing her with us.  Whenever we come back this is our first choice.  The hospitality is superb.  “Home away from home.”  God bless you , a job well done.  P & K, Laird, SK Canada


November 25, 2012

We have stayed here several times.  First time in the Master Suite.  Each stay we enjoyed immensely.  Fantastic bed, fantastic breakfasts, fantastic hospitality!  R & S, Brandon, MB, Canada


September 7, 2012

 A little piece of heaven.

 N. R.

Sidney, MT


August 25, 2012

Wonderful home—Great food—Nice People.  Thank you.


Grand Junction, CO


July 19, 2012

Thank you for your hospitality!  My stay here was wonderful and the breakfast was great.  I am hoping to have the pleasure to visit this beautiful home again.  May God protect you and your home and continue to bless you as your continue your restoration and the operation of this great bed and breakfast.


Pepin, WI


July 10, 2012

We have been spoiled forever.  We will never wish to stay in a hotel again.  The room was so comfortable, and the breakfast was, well there are no words to describe it.  They were the best breakfasts I have ever had.  This coming from someone who has traveled the world.  But most of all is the down to earth and lovely Carol, she is what made our stay so enchanting.  Thank you Carol.

R & J

Tucson, AZ


July 3, 2012

We love old houses and the Dakotah Rose is a grand one.  Thank you for your hospitality, wonderful breakfast and attention to our comfort.

 L & B

Louisville, KY


June 7, 2012

Dear Jim and Carol,

Thank you for the pleasant stay and delicious breakfast.  We are amazed at how quickly you have recovered from the flood and are able to offer lovely and gracious accommodations.  We admire the hard work and dedication it took to make seem as if it hardly happened.  We appreciate, too, the reminders of the Heavenly Father and his care.

S. & G.

Bowie, MD


April 8, 2012

Jim and Carol,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us.  Our stay in the Victorian Room was fantastic and a wonderful alternative to the standard hotel experience.  A lovely stay in a charming home! 

A & A

Estevan, SK


March 28, 2012

Thank you for the pleasant, relaxing, “homey” stay.  Your hospitality and warmth makes this a memorable stay.

I enjoyed the beauty of this home and the special attention given to decorative detail and cleanliness.

God bless you as you continue to bless others!

Thank you,

M & J

Swan River, MB

March 13, 2012

Loved it!!  The bed and the breakfast—and the hosts.




February 3 & 4, 2012

Your perseverance in the face of adversity impresses me.  The house is gorgeous and your hospitality, well done!  God’s grace and blessing as you push on.

 E & K

Boissevan, MB

March 2011

I have seen many historic homes, but none so beautiful as this.  The visit was unique and peaceful.  Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend.  All the best to you Carol and Jim.

B & A

Yorkton, SK


March 2011

Thank you for a beautiful 44th wedding anniversary.  So peaceful!  So elegant!  Such good food!!

We needed this.

S & G

Minneapolis, MN


February 2011

Thank you for the wonderful stay at your B & B.  We enjoyed your company at dinner, it was fun learning the history of this house and owners.  I will highly recommend to friends and relatives.  We plan on staying again.

I hope you don’t mind—I am going to call this our second home.  God bless.

D & A



 January 2011

Unbelievable place.  Great people that are so hospitable.  Can’t wait to come back.  Thanks so much.

R & E

Atwater, SK


December 2010

We really enjoyed our stay at your bed and breakfast.  They way you take care of us is wonderful and your cooking is very rich and delicious.

You do an excellent job of keeping your place nicely decorated and very clean!!

God bless you richly for your hearts to serve.

F & G

December 2010

We so appreciate the wonderful hospitality and warmth that is shared in your home.  The Christmas décor is beautiful and memorable for the holiday!  Thanks for helping us celebrate my 60th birthday and our 40th anniversary.

V & D

Mohall, ND


November 2010

A lovely home and lovely people!  This is truly a treasure!


Roseburg, OR


October 2010

Thank you Jim & Carol for letting us stay in your beautiful home.  The room is gorgeous.  The treats were delicious, and we have never had a better sleep!  It was a wonderful first night as Mr. & Mrs.   We look forward to coming back and staying for our first anniversary!

Thanks again,

R & K


August 2010

What a wonderful retreat!  You have it all here—lots of personality in our hosts and in the gorgeous home!

We are blessed to be here.  Thank you.

C & D

Badger, IA


August 2010

Thank you for adding a “special touch” to our vacation.  It was nice to be treated as individual people instead of one of a swarm at downtown hotels.  All the physical aspects of your home are so memorable but the atmosphere created by the thoughtfulness and caring by the hosts made it extra special.  Thank you. 

B & E

Manitoba, Canada


July  2010

Thank you for your gracious hospitality!  This has been a wonderful experience with my mother and daughter.  We are celebrating my mother’s 85th birthday.

We had great fun trying on the old fashioned hats!  We will cherish the memories!

May the Lord bless you abundantly.


Moose Jaw, SK


May  2010

Jim & Carol, Excellent as always.  Thank you for a little slice of heaven in Minot.

SD, Minot


September  2009

Jack and I loved staying in the Garden Room for 2 days while we visited a friend in Minot and finished visiting the last of our 50 states.  Carol and Jim were attentive when we needed something and were quietly in the background when we didn’t.  Breakfast was great, and so was the atmosphere.

L & J, CT


September  2009

Three wonderful days.  We needed this rest, just didn’t know how much. 

You are wonderful hosts.  We felt so welcomed.

Carol—those awesome meals.  Breakfast with ‘strangers’ transforming into instant friendship.

Jim—welcoming committee, historian, butler, the perfect role.  You are truly a gentlemen.  We were told by other guests that your place was/is one of the very best.  Thank you both again.

G & L H

Weldon, SK


August  2009

I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at The Dakotah Rose.  The hospitality was fantastic.  Jim and Carol made us feel like part of the family.  The master Suite and balcony are everything we could have hoped for and so much more.  It was a perfect weekend, we will definitely return for the phenomenal breakfast, and evening delights!  Thanks again for making this a wonderful experience!

M & D D

Dallas, TX


May 2009

Once again, the Dakotah Rose has made a single weekend away feel like a second honeymoon.  The service and personality here is priceless.  We will be here at least once a year.


February 2009

Staying here for Valentine’s weekend was just what M & I both needed.  With 5 kids and running a business, the Dakotah Rose is a wonderful place to just disappear and relax.   We simply had a blast.  The both of you and your staff are so fun and charming; I cannot imagine God having you do anything other than this.  May God continue to bless you.

T & M

We’ll be back!


January 5, 2008

Perfect! It is our 30th wedding anniversary and there was no better place to experience that.  This place offers rest and a deep sense of peace.  Bless you both in your business and your life together in ministry, serving others. 

J & D S

Burlington, ND

November 24, 2007

What a wonderful place to spend our anniversary—so relaxing.  It was great to come back to my old neighborhood and see that a piece of Minot’s history is being so lovingly preserved.  The Victorian Room was delightful and very comfortable.  Thanks for the hospitality!

 —R & B P

Bottineau, ND

November 16, 2007

Thank you so much for your hospitality. You have such a beautiful home, we thoroughly enjoyed being here.  Especially our girls. We will have to come again for a tea party!! We are so happy to know that we have our faith in common, it really is a wonderful connection. 

God bless you,

—J,  L, H & M S

Moose Jaw, SK

October 25-26, 2007

Our 2 nd wedding anniversary was highlighted by our stay here!  The beautiful furnishings and meal that was extraordinary brought us so much enjoyment.  What a lovely historical home!  Thank you for caring for this treasure and sharing it with us.

—J & L 

Berthold, ND


August 1, 2007

Dear Carol & Jim,

Thank you for your from-the-heart hospitality.  Our stay here refreshed us mind, body and soul.  Be assured that you ministered to us just as we needed it.  May the Lord prosper you! 

 In Him,

Chuck & Andrea Black  (Permission given to use full name)

Williston, ND


Victorian Room:

We love your house!  We had a wonderful stay here.  ‘E’ enjoyed having a bath in the foot tub. Breakfast was delicious!  The fudge was yummy, too! Thank you!

—V, K & E

Stonewall MB

Guests' Comments